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The WNY WOZ TECH Pipeline puts candidates through a rigorous Training Program to fully prepare them for their technology career. WNY WOZ TECH Pipeline works with each of the candidates to provide career preparation services, so that they are prepared for apprenticeships, internship programs and their careers! WNY WOZ TECH Pipeline was inspired by Steve Wozniak’s innovative Training Program to prepare candidates for lifetime success within the growing technology industry.


Each candidate goes through an intensive Training Program developed by ETG and StaffBuffalo and backed by Steve Wozniak’s family of education solutions. The WOZ TECH Hub @ ETG, spearheaded by Brian Lehman, WNY’s Top Technologist, will directly oversee the candidate’s technology transformation process.

The WOZ TECH Professional Development Program provides each candidate with the essential skills to naturally and successfully transition into the professional workplace. This will be led by Staffing and Career Placement Company, StaffBuffalo.

The Challenge

The current technology staffing solution within WNY is that companies “steal” each other’s employees. With the impending technology boom, this system is not sustainable.

Simultaneously, the elite-level of WNY’ers aspiring for careers in technology feel that they need to move out of the area to pursue their career dreams. This is a major problem for WNY-based companies and their need to fill open technology positions.

The Solution

Steve Wozniak created the modern technology revolution as the co-founder of Apple. Woz’s vision for the future of education inspired the creation of the WNY WOZ TECH Pipeline, a “K – Employment” solution.

The WNY WOZ TECH Pipeline educates, trains, and transitions the best and the brightest of our technology candidates to help these aspiring professionals launch a technology career within WNY. This homegrown solution enables local companies to fill their current and future technology positions, while allowing our homegrown talent to stay right here in Western New York.

John Livsey with “The Woz”, Steve Wozniak. Woz Tech Pipeline and Woz Tech Hub created 2019 by John Livsey, Jr./Legacy Pro Marketing, LLC.


The WOZ TECH Hub Program through ETG is made up of 7 phases and a final project. Each phase involves a lesson on the specified subject and is supplemented with a team exercise.


  • Professional and Role Responsibility
  • Agile Project Planning
  • Backlog Planning
  • Release Planning
  • Story Review and Iteration Planning
  • Iteration Execution
  • Complete the Final Project: A team exercise where candidates will break out in teams of 4 to 6 people and create a project.

WOZ TECH HUB @ ETG is powered by Brian Lehman of ETG

InfoTech WNY’s 2019 BETAS Awards IT Leader of the Year

WOZ TECH Professional Development Program

The WOZ TECH Professional Development Program is a professional skills transition program that is layered on top of the education program. StaffBuffalo works with each candidate through professional development programs including:


  • Professional Workplace Skills
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Resume Formatting
  • Interview Workshops
  • Networking Workshops

Partner, Sponsor, and Donor Programs

Partner:  Our partners are the essential component of the pipeline. Your partnership gives you access to the pipeline of talent making the solution possible.

Sponsor: Sponsors make the education possible for the candidates in need of assistance.

Inquire about other ways to get your company involved in the WNY WOZ TECH PIPELINE. We will customize your package to your desired level!

Become industry ready!

Through our programs, candidates can build their development, deployment, and leadership skills, as well as bolster their portfolio in a short timeframe!

Brian Lehman, EmergenceTek Group

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